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Natural stone is known for its exotic visual appeal. It is loved for its natural variations that give it unique character and elegance as well as a stylish presence in any room. It has been a popular flooring solution for centuries, utilized in ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, China, and beyond. Imagine using this same lasting, timeless solution in your own home! While natural stone is still more expensive when compared to ceramic or porcelain tile, natural stone is guaranteed to increase a home’s resale value.

While visually appealing, natural stone is also incredibly functional. Depending on the type you choose, it can be porous or completely water-resistant; it can even be stain-resistant. Regardless of which you decide to install in your home, you’ll enjoy its lasting durability and reliability. While natural stone has been used in flooring since ancient times, innovative advances in technology and equipment have completely changed the way it is manufactured and installed. It’s much more efficient to install natural stone now, making the entire process more affordable and less time-consuming. Better yet, there is a larger selection of natural stone—from exotic looks to more neutral, earthy looks—available for use in homes and in businesses.